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It’s a quiet cold night
visualizing my emotions echoing
trying to figure out life
asking myself why i cant understand
chaos and harmony
cant explain the feel
an routine of insane deja vu’s ?
like a broken soul inside an eternal body
strong yet delicate and weak
feel like breaking away from it all
my thoughts hurt..
i guess i know too much ?
if you listen carefully you’ll hear: silence speaks louder than noise
open up your third eye, read between the lines
listen to what we’re not saying through your mind’s eye.
but if i really know me how can i be fooled by me ?
the more i stay the same
the more things seem to change
the more things stay the same
the more they seem to change
some nights ‘ve kept me awake.
in this head, thoughts are deep
mostly i find it hard to speak
feel blue as the night’s sky?
huge, dark and hallow
why is everything so confusing ?
or maybe we’re just out of our minds..
will someone be and not pretend ?
fiery inner burning searching for it’s voice
to fulfill my souls deepest cravings
while a starving hole inside me keeps whispering
something’s missing
searching for meaning aren’t we?
but isn’t meaning the value you give it?
everytime we get our hopes up
our souls get knocked down cruel and cold
back down to the floor.
i want to live above the world
even though all these darts at me are hurled
with eyes weary to the harshness of life
i have to keep moving on, you have to keep moving on..
my hurt cant breath
can’t help it if i space away in a gaze
my eyes tune out the opposite way
i may switch off and go in a daydream
i become my daydream
wandering through the depths of my mind..
i ask myself if i’m alone ?
linda ross


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